Through the medium of performance art, I wish to highlight the muted notion of female sexual pleasure by representing it as an everyday occurrence. By repeating the notion, I try to denaturalize and expose the idea as an effect of our recurrent social doings. The performance also emphasizes the role, imagination and visualization play in an act of sex, bringing to light its importance, and also its squandering nature.

The Performance is a time-based piece executed in a dark quiet space. It is a narration of a script that describes an act which is about to be performed. The listener is blindfolded and brought to sit comfortably in a quiet room and requested to put on a pair of headphones. The performer then switches on the recording and the listener is transported into a space that describes the performance through the audio recording. The act is narrated in a sexy voice/whisper and the audience is required to use their imagination to visualize the performance. The descriptive tone of the script contrasts its unconventional content of female sexuality. The performer, while the listener is still blindfolded places a sex toy (covered in a silk pouch) into the hands of the listener. The performer then from time to time, switches on the toy to provide the sensations to the listener while he/she is still listening to the audio on the headphones. The performance is essentially a monologue on female sexual pleasure, disseminated in the tone and manner of a phone sex conversation, using a vibrator to impart sensations to the listener.

#HERPLEASURE, performance, 2017, Singapore

This performance resembles the genre of lecture-performances in contemporary art. Lecture performances help artists to express themes and ideas through the format of lecturing albeit in a dramatic way (MUSAC). It provides for a new learning experience and influences the audience to rethink and question various aspects of the artist’s work (Milder). The performance is different from its traditional format wherein the lecture is ‘performed’ by the performer. However, in this case, the lecture is narrated in a contemporary manner of digital lecturing, through a digital audio recording. The blindfold helps to cut out the present world and enable the listener to focus on the audio that is being played. The sensitive topic of female sexual pleasure can be denaturalized through this format and nudged into a fresh social thinking.